Announcing: The Maternity Leave EP
The following tracks were recorded in the nursery, before Nigel Heaton was born. As a token of our appreciation for the outpouring of support many of you have shown for us (and for Shannon's new "Blue Dress" CD), please help yourself to these tracks, lullabies for old and young fans. Totally free, no sign up or anything required.

You can download all three tracks by clicking on the .zip file (it will download a compressed file to your computer, which will presumably open up and be playable) or each track individually by clicking on the individual names. Special thanks to James Boblak for mixing & mastering.

and now, the Maternity Leave EP!
! (click to download)

Maternity Leave EP Zip file cute picture of nigel
individual tracks:

Gartan Mother's Lullaby

Lu La Lo

Sleep, Little Chicken