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The Blue Dress (2010)

Shannon's all instrumental album: trad tunes and Heaton originals, all arranged with beauty, care and class. With Maeve Gilchrist, Paddy League, Liz Smmons and Matt Heaton.

1) 44 Mill Street 
2) 99 High 
3) Blue Dress Waltz 
4) Dennis Watson’s 
5) Against the Grain 
6) Nights on Caledonia Terrace 
7) Grandfather’s Thoughts 
8) Red Molly 
9) Frost Place 
10) Aunt Jane’s Trip 
11) Irish Washerwoman 
12) Hornless Cow 

Lovers' Well (2009)

Traditional love songs and tunes, produced by Eric Merrill. With special guests: Nic Gareiss, Dan Gurney, Kieran Jordan and Keith Murphy.

1. Lily of the West
2. Where the Moorcocks Crow
3. Brad's Honeybees
4. Lover's Lament
5. Bay of Biscay
6.New Married Couple
7.Lao Dueng Duen (By the Light of the Full Moon)
8. Golden Glove
9. Mountain Rambler
10. Midnight Sojourn
11. Lady Fair
12. First Date
13. Botany Bay
14. Poll Halfpenny


Blue Skies Above (2006)

Sunny mix of Traditional Irish and original songs and tunes. With special guests Sam Amidon, Laura Cortese, Paddy League, Jamie McClennan and Emily Smith.

1. Thady Casey's / The Reel of Rio
2. The Blackbird
3. Giant of the Road
4. The Shady Spot
5. Harvest Time
6. Belle of the South Shore / Jennifer & Don's
7. Redwoods in Winter / The Small Girl
8. Death and the Lady
9. The O'Connor Donn's / The Morning Thrush
10. The Monument
11. Jig / Sailing Down Fulton Street
12. The Lucky Dozen / The Skylark


Dearga (2003)

Rich and moody tunes with three sweet songs. Matt and Shannon's debut duo album. With guests Eric Merrill, Aoife Clancy and Hanneke Cassel.

1. Alternate Routes
2. Tell Her I Am
3. Heartland
4. F Stop
5. Lemony Lullaby
6. Three Days to Go
7. Oil for the Chain
8. Keeper of the Game
9. Nor'easter
10. Road to Garrison
11. Fair Jamie
12. The Small Girl
13. Marching to Crystal Lake


Fine Winter's Night (2007)

Traditional songs and tunes to usher in the Christmas Season and to brighten long winter nights. Special guest: Eric Merrill.

1. It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
2. Fisherman's Lullaby
3. Dust of Snow
4. First Snowfall of December
5. Fine Winter's Night
6. Julius the Christmas Cat
7. Day Dawn
8. Wexford Carol
9. Star Song
10. Christmas in Mt. Horeb
11. O Little Town of Bethlehem
12. Carol of the Birds
13. Top of the Bow


Oil for the Chain (2005)

Tunebook full of traditional and original tunes, sheet music and instructional materials.

1 The High Part of the Road & The Hag with the Money
2 The Maid Behind the Bar & The Bird in the Bush
3 The Star of Munster & The Black-Haired Lass
4 Jackson's Morning Brush & Tell Her I Am
5 Poll Ha'Penny
6 Winnie Hayes' Jig & Trip to Athlone
7 The Sailor on the Rock & The Ashplant
8 The Kilavil & O'Brien from Newtown
9 The Wind that Shakes the Barley & The Sunny Banks
10 The Otter's Holt & Michal Creamer's
11 The Hare's Paw & The Drummond Lasses
12 Cronin's Hornpipe
13 Kitty Gone a-Milkin' & The Skylark
14 Wheels of the World & The Traveller
15 The Lilting Banshee & The Stone Step
16 O'Neill's Favorite17 The Anniversary Reel
18 Redwoods in Winter & The Small Girl
19 Nor'easter Hornpipe & Saturday's Soup
20 Three Days to Go & Brad's Bees
21 Knit the Collar & Frame the Cat
22 Winter in Craughwell
23 Marching to Crystal Lake
24 F-Stop & Waiting for the Gas Man
25 Feast for a King & Astor's Box
26 Alternate Routes & Under the Festival Tent
27 The Shady Spot
28 Belle of the South Shore
29 Sailing Down Fulton Street & Oil for the Chain
30 Government Center & Two-Mile Loop
31 Lemony Lullaby & The Lucky Dozen

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Siucra: Here Among Strangers

The 2002 release by the trio Siucra featuring Shannon Heaton on flute, Matt Heaton on guitar and Beth Leachman on vocals & bodhran. "Here Among" is a high octane mix of tunes & songs, featuring Matt & Shannon's trademark arranging aesthetic, and a strong trio sound. Recorded in Colorado.

Orquesta Atipica Tango Dogs (1998)

Digging into Matt's past, this Chicago based quartet delves into the music of Astor Piazzolla, and the pen of Matt Heaton. Featuring Matt on classical guitar, this CD received great press and still has a cult following in Chicago.


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